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Thy Neighbor: A Novel - Norah Vincent Never mind that the main character is a total douchebag...and that he spends most of his time spying on his neighbors, with High Tech equipment he bullied some poor soul to install...and he has Issues with his dead parents (don't we all)

Nasty characters don't bother me......when they can't advance their own pathetic story, that is a crime!

I'm not half way through this Net Galley..it's about to expire...and I still have no idea of this book's STORY

That pisses me off....


THY NEIGHBOR turned out to be one of the "better" books i've read, although the main character was pretty distasteful, and the first part of the book dragged its ass like no one's business. A very hard look at family and inter-personal relationships, and the "meaning" of such throughout one's life. The hold our parents have over us, even after they're dead. The pointlessness of Self Pity, but how useful it can be, as a weapon...against others, and our own sense of Injustice....until it becomes "just another thing" to deal with....Yes, this book gave me a lot to think about..and I can't say I am happy.....